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Central Utilities Plant

Engineering for the Future


University of Nebraska Omaha Medical Center Chiller Plant Addition

Building addition to UNMC Central Utility Plant to accommodate two new 3500-ton chillers.  RDH Engineering assembled the project team including architects, electrical engineers, and structural engineers.  The new addition is two stories and will have a new chiller on each floor and cooling towers on the roof.  This project will be completed in three phases.  Phase one is modifying existing piping, phase two and three add one of the chillers each.

UNOMC Durham Research Center
Heat Recovery Chillers

This energy savings plant consisted of modular water cooled chillers to create chilled water for cooling and hot water for hydronic re-heat simultaneously. The hot water rejected from the water cooled chillers produces 140°F water which was used in the reheat coils for VAV systems.  The chilled water byproduct was designed to be injected into the campus chilled water system. New Dedicated Heat Recovery Chillers (DHRC) were placed inside the existing building mechanical room and its modular design allowed for easy installation in the existing facility. This system will be operated year round and will reduce the overall steam consumption of both research towers by 4,000 lbs/hr. This project is targeted to payback the investment in under two (2) years.

Central Utilities Plant: Projects
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