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Civic and Government Projects

Engineering for the Future

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Shawnee County Detention.jpg

Monona County Courthouse

Onawa, IA

Mechanical and plumbing renovation for upgraded and energy efficient equipment in historic courthouse, where the budget was of concern as part of county funding.

Shawnee County Detention Center

Topeka, KS

RDH designed an upgrade to the boiler and chiller plant to increase energy performance and add redundancy. Three existing inefficient boilers were replaced with modular condensing high efficiency boilers. A 250-ton air cooled chiller was added to the existing chiller plant to allow for backup cooling should there ever be a problem with the cooling towers. A new efficient pumping system was implemented using variable frequency drives to reduce pump energy and increase the overall plant efficiency.  The increased plant efficiency will help the county save on energy costs and the redundancy capabilities will provide comfort for the inmates when some areas of the plant are down for maintenance or equipment failure.

Civic and Government: Projects
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