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Educational Projects

Engineering for the Future


Bellevue Elementary School

Bellevue, NE

Complete HVAC and Plumbing design for a new 60,000 square foot elementary school. The HVAC system consists of a high efficient ground source heat pump plant which produce chilled water and hydronic heating water simultaneously. The primary air for the building is delivered using air handling units and at the room level variable air volume terminal boxes are used to reduce fan energy in the building. Re-heat coils are used to control humidity in the building and to prevent over cooling of the spaces. A well field stores any extra heating or cooling energy above what the building uses for future use. The air handling units also incorporate energy recovery to reduce utility costs and have an ultra-violet air purification system to eliminate viruses in the air stream to reduce student sick days.

Mission Middle School

Bellevue, NE

RDH completed a HVAC retrofit design of a 140,000 square foot middle school. The new HVAC system utilizes 95% high efficiency hot water boilers to add supplemental heat to the heat pump loop alongside a fluid cooler to reject the heat from the building. Unitary heat pumps deliver the air to the building as part of the new high efficient water source heat pump system. Dedicated ventilation air units provided to exhaust the building, and utilized energy recovery units to reduce utility costs related to treating the ventilation air. Additionally, the code required ventilation air for the facility was reduced by one-half by using a code official approved electronic air filtration system. The air purification system eliminates 95% of carbon based matter, including fungi, bacteria and other containments making a significantly healthier building.

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