RDH can help you improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building by identifying energy saving opportunities. Recommended strategies are identified through an investigation process with additional focus on documentation and training to realize persistence of savings.

The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system comprises a large number of equipment units and material and energy resources that need to be monitored and coordinated in real time. The effective operation of these systems is particularly difficult because external and internal building conditions change in a highly dynamic manner. Such changes include, among others, occupancy, weather, and energy prices. In addition, building operations are complex because a large number of constraints must be satisfied in order to ensure comfort, air quality, and appropriate equipment performance.

Optimization-based control is a key technology in next-generation building systems. In this work, we analyze different strategies for building-wide optimization under a proactive framework. We demonstrate that building-wide strategies can exploit complex interactions between physical variables and their dynamics to achieve substantial energy savings without sacrificing air quality and comfort. Through optimization significant energy savings can be achieved.

With the help of program incentives, you can often recover the cost of implementing approved energy efficient technologies within a short time. Typical projects can save up to 15 per cent of total building energy costs with a simple payback period averaging less than two years.


  • reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • reduced energy costs
  • increased employee and occupant comfort
  • added property/asset value
  • increased technical knowledge of in-house operating staff
  • reduced building and equipment failures, and extended equipment life
  • solution of persistent problems
  • identification of other opportunities through which financial incentives for further building system improvements may be available

RDH Engineering is an Innovative Energy Efficiency Project Incentive Program (IEEP) service provider through OPPD. Ask RDH about potential IEEP incentives and get more information on the program by following the link below.

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